Amazing Surf Spots

Surfing Morocco has a year round Atlantic swell – and a constantly changing shoreline of exposed and sheltered points, reefs and beach breaks – you’re never far from the wave that’s right for you.


Morocco’s famous right-hand point breaks have been on the surfers path since the 1950s. The local coastline offers a mix of firing point breaks, reefs, and sheltered beach breaks. There’s a wave for every surfer no matter if you’re a beginner ready to learn, or an advanced surfer in search of the ultimate ride. A great platform for intermediates to progress from beach breaks to point breaks; Morocco’s got it all!

Sunset Surfhouse Morocco is located centrally to Morocco’s finest waves and offers a surf team with unbeatable local knowledge, experience and cultural understanding. With beautiful weather year round, a coastline of surf spots, and spots for all levels, Morocco is considered one of the worlds ultimate surf destinations. So why not give it a go?

Morocco is a year round surf destination for beginner surfers and longboarders. The most popular months to surf in morocco are from September till April due to the larger winter swells. Beginners and longboarders would have a great chance of clean mellow waves all year round! The smallest swell time of year is during the summer months between May – August. Advanced surfers can relish on the large winter swells hitting the point breaks and secret spots. At this time you’ll wear a thin 3/2 wetsuit but during the summer the water is warm enough to go out in a rash vest and boardshorts.

Banana Beach

(includes 2 other spots k11 and k12) right and left waves, very fun spot! Super long right ride that curves like a banana and the best spot in the area for long boarders.

Devils Rock

Fun sand bar, great atmosphere, sweet right hand wave and some cheeky lefts at high tide. A great handout spot for chilling with the locals or watching the sunset from the cafes or amazing fish restaurant.


The shape of the land looks like a giant crocodile, no actual crocodiles here! Left and right waves and camels to ride too!


A perfect beginner spot next to Taghazout with a vast long sandy beach break with lefts and rights. Also great rights off a point break for progressing intermediate and advanced surfers.

Camel Point

Yes there are camels around here; you can take a beach camel ride! Point break at low-mid tide and also a friendly beach break for beginner surfers.

Desert Point

Great for learning to surf here! Very fun waves when there’s a small swell over a shallow reef break.


Reef/Rocky, Right wave, a total beauty as you paddle out between an old ship wreck and ship boiler! A few sea urchins about so booties are recommended!


Sweet rights on this reef break next to our local beach Devils Rock. Flat rocks and sandy bottom, and on a good dayit barrels like a dream!

Hash Point

Point-break, sandy/rock bottom, great right.

Anchor Point

A notorious spot for world class surfing in Morocco which will give you the ride of your life! Works best with the pushing tide and an absolute crowd pleaser when the big waves are rolling in!


Point-break, flat rocks just a 10 minute drive from the camp. Works best at mid-tide and there are great rights for all levels of surfers.

La Source

Reef/rocky, sandy in the centre, some sweet left waves and a real favorite for the goofy surfers out there! Also really fun right waves.

Killer Point

A locals favorite and a sunset you’ll never forget! Long fast righthand waves over a flat reef. One of the most popular spots near Taghazout for advanced surfers, just 10 minutes from out Surf Camp.


Reef break, fast right wave, the rocks look like Dracula’s teeth – its stunning!


Exceptional site, 2 spots; the bay’s beach break is Morocco’s longest wave (500m!), sandy bottom, located in a sweet fishing village and surrounded by mountains. Cathedrals is a spot with beach and reef breaks, so something for everyone – some great fast and fun right waves are a real pleaser for intermediate and advanced surfer.

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